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Greenwich National Park City Map

Applied is excited to announce a recent collaboration with Urban Good to help more people explore and enjoy London’s green spaces! Read more »

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Central Park Access Map

Applied recently worked with the Central Park Conservancy on a new printed visitor map specifically aimed at assisting users with mobility... Read more »

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Leer Madrid

Applied began work in October 2017 on Leer Madrid (Legible Madrid), a pedestrian wayfinding master plan for the city. Applied has teamed with local... Read more »

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Cycle Active City Conference 2018, Manchester

... Read more »


Wayfinding design projects in urban contexts

Flows magazine, the online publication dealing with the theme of mobility, interviewed Tim Fendley on Applied’s approach to multimodal wayfinding. Read more »


Walkability and Wayfinding

Wayfinding, in the way it allows the city to be read, also provides the city with a pulse: that beating, rhythmically bizarre movement of people... Read more »


A New Era for Transportation in the United States

The US is quietly making walking and cycling central to urban transportation. America is the undisputed home of the automobile: the very fabric of the... Read more »


Downtown Edmonton installs first interim street signs

Over the last week, 40 interim signs designed by Applied have been installed in the Downtown district of Edmonton, Alberta. The signs, which feature... Read more »


Alexandria, VA, appoints Applied for new parks wayfinding initiative

Alexandria has a population of almost 150,000 and is located six miles south of Washington D.C. on the bank of the Potomac River. With 947 acres of... Read more »


Applied to design Springfield’s new wayfinding system

In recent years, Springfield’s Downtown neighbourhood has experienced a surge of investments and a number of planning initiatives drawing near to... Read more »


Tim Fendley makes second appearance on Skylines

Applied Wayfinding’s Founding Director, Tim Fendley has previously appeared Skylines, in an episode discussing the design process behind Legible... Read more »


Applied to design wayfinding for the National Gallery

Applied Wayfinding, the company behind the award-winning Legible London pedestrian system, has been selected to design a new signage system for the... Read more »