The Met

Applied worked with The Met to improve wayfinding across three sites, in order to transform visitor experience. The Met is one of the world’s largest major cultural destinations, with over six million people visiting the 2,000,000 square feet of gallery ... Read more »

Real-time digital information mapping

Transport for London (TfL) has embraced the need for unique and specific information at every transport interchange. With 17,000 bus stops, 12,000 of them with shelters, the real-estate is vast and the management of the information an ongoing task. Read more »


Opened in 1999, and hailed as Europe’s most innovative and largest retail and leisure destination, Bluewater has been credited with changing the face of retailing in the UK. The Bluewater concept has been copied by major shopping centres built since, ... Read more »

Paul Davis

British artist and wordsmith Paul Davis is widely known as a social commentator and satirist with a unique outlook on the world around him. Paul has contributed to many editorial publications, worked for numerous high profile brands and exhibited in ... Read more »

Sunderland City Council

Applied were commissioned by the City of Sunderland to produce a strategy for a city-wide mapping system, and to design the new maps. We first set out to gain a detailed understanding of the City of Sunderland – its people ... Read more »

City of Vancouver

Applied was briefed to come up with a new prototype of a pedestrian wayfinding system in Downtown Vancouver that would serve as a replacement to the current on-street wayfinding system. The new system was to encourage walking and exploration, as ... Read more »

Walk Brighton

Brighton & Hove City Council first commissioned Applied to conduct an audit and to produce a wayfinding strategy in May 2008 which formed a wide-ranging wayfinding system for the city. Read more »


Heathrow is one of the most complex environments we came into contact with. It is used by millions of passengers on a daily basis, combining a plethora of nationalities and different cultural backgrounds. The majority of these people have one ... Read more »


Applied were appointed to develop a new range of static mapping products for Metrolinx in February 2011. Read more »

Brilliant Britain Guide

In 2012 Applied were commissioned by British luxury brand Mulberry to develop an editorial based website ‘Brilliant Britain’ which would champion and showcase the charms, unique characteristics and eccentricities of Britain to the world. The website supports a book and ... Read more »