Waltham Forest – Mini Holland

In 2015, Applied was commissioned by Waltham Forest Council to undertake a prestigious project as part of Transport for London’s ‘Mini-Holland’ initiative. The project brief involved developing a wayfinding strategy for cyclists and pedestrians and concept designs for signage and ... Read more »

Real-time digital information mapping

Transport for London (TfL) has embraced the need for unique and specific information at every transport interchange. With 17,000 bus stops, 12,000 of them with shelters, the real-estate is vast and the management of the information an ongoing task. Read more »


Opened in 1999, and hailed as Europe’s most innovative and largest retail and leisure destination, Bluewater has been credited with changing the face of retailing in the UK. The Bluewater concept has been copied by major shopping centres built since, ... Read more »

Legible Bournemouth

Bournemouth has had to accommodate to the steep coastal topography, which has led to a fragmented development that is difficult to understand. This has lead to many visitors not travelling beyond the familiar arrival points and favourite destinations. Read more »


TransLink is the regional transport authority for Metro Vancouver, British Columbia. They manage, promote and maintain the public transport system for Vancouver, including light rail (SkyTrain), heavy rail, riverbus, and buses, and have responsibility for vehicular, cycle and walking transport systems throughout the region. Read more »

Dublin Bus

Applied originally worked with Dublin Bus several years ago and developed ideas for improved bus stop information, a co-ordinated network map and a rounded approach to different media. Based on our knowledge of the city and the transport system, we ... Read more »


Applied were appointed to develop a new range of static mapping products for Metrolinx in February 2011. Read more »